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Welcome to Crahan Wealth Management

Crahan Wealth Management provides comprehensive wealth management services focused on  simplifying  your life so you can focus on the things that matter most. We believe that wealth goes far beyond financial net worth. True wealth is rooted in family and friends, dreams and aspirations, and the creation of a life and legacy that is personally meaningful and significant.

We believe that the things important in a person’s life, including family, health, spirituality, and finances, are integral to one another. If any of these are out of balance it can affect one’s entire well-being. Acting as your trusted advisor, we help keep the financial aspect in balance by building personal relationships that help us offer thoughtful, experienced counsel in developing wealth management strategies tailored to work towards your specific needs and goals.

As a full service wealth management practice, we are dedicated to managing your wealth and retirement assets in a way that best fits your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and your time horizon.

We invite you to learn more about how we may be of service to you in creating the lifestyle you envision.  If you believe Crahan Wealth Management may be a fit for you, please contact us


Who can you trust to do what is best for you?

We strive to build lasting meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity and superior client service.  As an independent LPL Financial advisor, we are able to fully devote our time and energy to your individual financial objectives 

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How we can help you achieve your goals

Amid an ever-changing investment landscape, investors need an expert and experienced partner who can guide them through the intricacies of investing and financial planning. The relationship we share with our clients is built over time. It requires a high-level of trust and understanding.

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